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Neodymium oxalate, Nd2(C2O4)3

Nd salts solubility diagram
The system Nd2(C2O4)3 - Nd(NO3)3 - H2O at 25°. Solubility diagram.
Neodymium oxalate, Nd2(C2O4)3.10H2O, is obtained by double decomposition as a pale rose-red crystalline powder. According to James and Robinson, the only stable hydrate in contact with water or aqueous neodymium nitrate at 25° has the composition Nd2(C2O4)3.11H2O. The oxalate dissolves perceptibly in aqueous neodymium nitrate, and under certain conditions neodymium oxalonitrate Nd2(C2O4)3.4Nd(NO3)3.xH2O or perhaps Nd2(C2O4)3.5Nd(NO3)3.xH2O, is produced. The solubility curve for a temperature of 25° is shown in fig. The oxalate also dissolves in an aqueous solution of the chloride, and a neodymium oxalochloride exists.

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