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Neodymium chloride, NdCl3

Neodymium chloride, NdCl3, is a hygroscopic, rose-coloured, crystalline mass of density 4.134 at 25° (Baxter and Chapin).

From aqueous solution the hexahydrate, NdCl3.6H2O, crystallises out in rose-coloured, monoclinic crystals of density 2.282 at 16.5°. The hexahydrate melts at 124°. One hundred parts of water dissolve 98.7 parts at 13°, 140.0 parts at 100° of the anhydrous chloride, the solution being in equilibrium with the hexahydrate. The concentrated aqueous solution dissolves neodymium oxalate on warming, and a neodymium oxalochloride crystallises out when the solution is cooled.

The monohydrate, NdCl3.H2O, is also known.

The anhydrous chloride forms the following compounds w ith ammonia, the dissociation temperature being given with each formula: -

NdCl3.NH3 - 360° C; NdCl3.2NH3 - 255° C; NdCl3.4NH3 - 157° C; NdCl3.5NH3 - 117° C; NdCl3.8NH3 - 79° C; NdCl3.11NH3 - 26° C; NdCl3.12NH3 - -10° C.

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