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Neodymium is a Misch metal component. It is used as a cast iron and steel dopant; it is added to magnesium and aluminium-based light alloys. Nd-Fe-B is a prospective permanent magnet alloy. Neodymium oxide and phosphate are components of pigments in coloured glass production; the phosphate is also used in ceramics. Nd2O3 is a constituent part of photometer glass, lasers as gain media for infrared wavelengths (1054-1064 nm), e.g. yttrium aluminium garnet, colour TV screens as activator of Y2O3 - based phosphors. Neodymium is a dielectric with an extremely small expansion ratio. Neodymium fluoride is used in fiberglass manufacture. Neodymium telluride is a high-quality thermoelectric material and is used as component of thermoelectric alloys, increases their strength and improved their electrophysical parameters (thermo EMF=170 170 microvolt/K).

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